Aqualisa Infinia digital shower

  • Aqualisa Infinia smart digital shower
  • Aqualisa Infinia shower remote control
CAD, Concept generation, Industrial design, Marketing

Infinia was designed to target the premium London market that had yet to be explored by Aqualisa. The trend in the luxury end of the market was for concealed mixer showers that provide a seamless look. Aqualisa has made a name for itself as a digital shower manufacturer, but typically digital showers are not concealed, but consist of an exposed unit on the wall.


Therefore, the idea behind the design of Infinia was to create a minimal and modular shower that would attract the premium London market to advance from a traditional mixer shower to digital shower technology.


The world’s thinnest digital shower


After two years in development, Infinia was showcased at the 2016 Grand Designs Live consumer show where it was very well received. The ultra-thin shower control plate measures just 2.5mm, meaning that it is the world’s thinnest digital shower.


Customisation is important in the bathroom market, particularly at the premium end. As a standalone shower manufacturer, Aqualisa had to compete with full bathroom suite manufacturers that could coordinate each element of the bathroom – including the shower, basin and toilet as well as accessories.


Infinia is fully modular and customisable. It can be tailored with a choice of three designer dials: Piazza (square), Tondo (round) or Astratta (teardrop), which are available with either a chrome or white/chrome finish. In addition the shower was designed to fit in with the Aqualisa premier collection to allow the customer to choose from a selection of heads, hoses and other accessories.


We were involved in the design and market launch of Infinia, which included a social media campaign, YouTube video as well as internal and external launch events.