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The Bathroom Brands Group designs, imports and supplies bathroom and sanitaryware products across a collection of established brands, including Crosswater, Burlington, Clearwater and Britton.


Following a thorough selection process for their market research project, Cornelius Creative was chosen to work with Bathroom Brands after demonstrating exceptional understanding and an ability to bridge the gap between R&D, retail customers and end users.


Our work involved creating data driven recommendations for new product innovation concepts to ascertain which would generate strong consumer/specialist interest and drive business growth.


The research aim was to inform the client to identify winning opportunities at early stages of product development and build on the knowledge base to inform future development initiatives. Essentially, which ideas should be progressed and prioritised, and which could be reworked.


We were able to conduct detailed quantitative and qualitative research using consumer and industry expert data through a systematic approach of online surveys combined with in-depth focus groups which took place via video call.


We complied the data into a visually stimulating report, along with full transcriptions from each focus group, which presented recommendations for priorities and improved product designs to drive business growth.


This project marks the start of a series of market research intelligence reports that will continue in 2022.



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