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Furnitubes International Ltd are a street furniture company who have dedicated over 70 years to transforming outside spaces. They design and manufacture beautiful and functional furniture for urban and rural environments. Their newest seating range, AKRI, incorporates raised planters to add a natural aesthetic to outdoor landscapes.




We were briefed to deliver photorealistic rendered images of the new planters in a range of urban environments. We used Computer Generated Images (CGI) to showcase the new AKRI range and illustrate the benefits of adding nature into outdoor spaces. Trees, plants and flowers create a pleasing aesthetic of natural beauty, and when displayed in combination with a comfortable place to sit and relax, can have real positive effects on the community.


Over the past year, throughout Coronavirus lockdowns, the benefits of being outside in nature have never been more evident. Nature improves our mental health and wellbeing, reducing stress and anxiety levels, and restoring good moods. Furnitubes’ large scale AKRI planters divide up bustling high streets, making them ideal for social distancing measures, as well as providing opportunities for socialising, by stopping to have a chat over a cup of coffee.


There were two parts to the project:


  1. Creation of cut-out images suitable for use on their website and brochure
  2. Creation of images showing the planters situated in realistic outdoor settings, including rooftop gardens, recreational parks and city streets.




We use KeyShot professional 3D rendering software to produce stunning product visuals. We can create the perfect shot every time by using KeyShot’s expert lighting, studio and image tools.

The CGI software enables us to produce incredible images and animations of products, quickly, to allow our clients to:

  • communicate ideas faster
  • explore concept ideas, as well as new materials, textures and variations.
  • present new products
  • create pre-sell campaign materials


3D visuals are useful at every stage of the product development process – from concept ideation to market launch – to create engaging content aimed at the target audience.




Furnitubes wanted to showcase their new seating range, which at the time was in pre-production. Computer Generated Images are ideal for pre-sell campaigns, when a product is yet to be manufactured, as we can create realistic looking images, as if the product was really there, even before the product has been manufactured. Our extensive CGI image library contains thousands of different indoor and outdoor environments, so we can find the perfect lifestyle setting for a product.


CGI is also great for larger products, like Furnitubes street furniture, for which the logistics of arranging photography can be challenging. CGI removes that obstacle and provides complete flexibility. It’s why we’re able to produce images showing a London backdrop, which if arranging photography might’ve caused a headache. The weather has no effect on our ability to produce CGI either, so there’s no chance of an outdoor photoshoot being cancelled or delayed because the forecast is looking bad. It’s for these reasons that CGI can be a cost-effective and much quicker alternative to photography.


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C L I E N T   R E V I E W

From Ernest Opoku, Furnitubes

I worked with Cornelius Creative on a product launch for which they produced CGIs and product renders. It was a smooth process, I liked their collaborative approach and commitment to getting the project done on time and on brief. Very happy with the results and I'll surely work with them again!