Poop Bin Thing – touch free dog waste bin opener

  • Poop Bin Thing
  • Poop Bin Thing
3D printing, CAD, Concept generation, Engineering, Industrial design, Marketing

In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, we designed a touch free dog waste bin opener – the ‘Poop Bin Thing’. As dog owners, we, like many others, became conscious of touching dog waste bin handles multiple times a day knowing that Coronavirus (and other germs) spread easily on metal surfaces. We noticed that other owners were using sticks or plastic bags to create handles. We decided to design a device that would do the work for us and help reduce the spread of Coronavirus.


Teaching old dogs new tricks


We sketched some initial ideas, picking up inspiration from lightweight tools such as bottle openers and cigar cutters, before deciding on the final design.


The tool is lightweight and conveniently sized to fit inside a pocket while out dog walking. A sliding sleeve allows the user to cover the contaminated end when not in use to avoid accidentally touching it – this is something we’d noticed that other “no touch tools” do not offer.


We made a prototype using our 3D printer which works perfectly, so we made the decision to sell the product online.


The Poop Bin Thing is currently available to purchase on ebay.


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