Symmetrikit Acheeva Graduate Learning Station

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Engineering, Industrial design

The Symmetrikit Acheeva range of inclusive aids enable users that may struggle to find comfort in a seated position all day, for example in a wheelchair, to adjust their positioning to allow them to continue activities.


Having achieved success with the Symmetrikit Acheeva Student in classrooms and homes across Europe for several years, the Helping Hand company wanted a new and improved version that would accommodate adult and bariatric users, and provide easier operation for nurses and carers.


From concept to launch in 18 months


The Acheeva Graduate was designed and developed in under 18 months and was delivered within budget. The bed provides the user with full support in supine (upwards), prone (on stomach), or side lying to protect body shape and respiratory function. The bed has powered height adjustment which facilitates a smoother sliding or standing transfer for nurses and carers. We redesigned the original drop down cot sides to allow them to be operated by one hand, enabling carers to keep one hand on their patient if necessary.


Improved comfort and movement


Feedback from other products on the market highlighted that users, particularly those with limited mobility, struggled when the bed was adjusted from laying to sitting (or vice versa). We therefore redesigned the laying to sitting operation by moving the pivot points to fit around the natural anatomical pivots in the user’s hips, thereby reducing discomfort and compression on joints.


We added larger castors and a fifth sprung-loaded wheel close to the centreline of the product. These additions make the Acheeva Graduate easier to manoeuvre by a solo carer as the bed doesn’t wander off trajectory when being wheeled from room to room. The result is the Acheeva Graduate allows easier movement of users and less disruption than an overhead hoist.