Dyson DC30 / DC34 handheld cordless vacuum

CAD, Engineering, Industrial design

We worked as part of the team on two major Dyson projects; the Dyson DC30 and DC34 handheld vacuums.


DC30 / DC34 handheld cordless vacuums


We designed and engineered the nozzle, collection bin, shroud filter assembly and seal design, as well as all locks and catches of the DC30 and DC34 (Animal) handheld cordless vacuums. We have a patent for the non-return valve within the nozzle which prevents dust coming back out of the bin when the vacuum is tipped.


The DC30 was the first vacuum with a digital motor, which allowed more suction without compromising on battery performance. It was lighter and more compact than the previous model.


The DC34 in particular was a worldwide success and after launch improved Dyson’s sales in the handheld vacuum cleaner market by 200%.


In addition to the DC30 / DC34 project, we also contributed to the Dyson DC38 ball cylinder vacuum.