Terms & Conditons.

The following terms and conditions outline our suggested approach to developing our client projects. The path of a project may change as it progresses, and we are happy to revisit a proposal in light of changes. We aim to be clear and flexible throughout the process and welcome any questions from our clients. If there are any other services you feel you may require please feel free to ask us as we have only specified the stages we consider necessary at this time.

Important information relating to our project proposals:


All work and intellectual property created during the process for the project will become sole property of the client, provided that the consultancy fees are paid in full.

Project proposal.

We view all of the stages (as defined in ‘Process’) as necessary to developing your project thoroughly. However, you do not have to complete all of the stages and the project can be halted or paused between stages. It may well be necessary to review this project proposal at strategic points in the process to ensure that it is still an appropriate route forward for your project.


Payment is made stage by stage and commencing any stage in no way commits you to completing further stages. Payment is to be made on receipt of invoice for work to commence. Full payment is required for projects under £1000; a deposit of 50% is required for larger projects, and the balance will be due one month later, If completed in stages, the remaining balance of each stage will be billed one month later.​
If any work commences (investigations, analysis, design, phone consultations) and the client is then unable to proceed with the project, the deposit will not be refunded in full. A pro-rata amount will be agreed for the number of hours already worked, and the balance (if any) refunded. Please note work will not begin until a cleared payment is received into our account.
Service packages will be billed every 30 days. Any unused hours from a service package will be rolled over for a maximum of one month, unless otherwise agreed.


The dates outlined within a proposal are intended as targets, we occasionally come across difficulties that were not foreseen at the start of the project that can impact the target dates for completion of the various stages.
If Cornelius Creative Ltd is not able to meet these target dates, you will be made aware as early as possible. Every effort will be made to resolve any issues related to deadlines but please do not book photoshoots, meetings with interested parties or other events that require completed stages until you have actually taken receipt of the final version. Please also note that any timescale stated begins once cleared payment has been received into our account, not from the date originally indicated by the proposal.
Cornelius Creative Ltd will communicate upfront all information that is likely to be needed for the project to be completed. If this information (or access to shared files / network) is required for the project to commence it is the responsibility of the client to provide this in a timely manner. Any delays in providing information or access that prevents the start of the project is the responsibility of the client and not Cornelius Creative Ltd.


Any modifications required to completed stage work will be subject to further fees, relative to the time required to implement them.


If you wish to have anything sent to you then we will provide a courier and Royal Mail option. We will cover the cost of sending via Royal Mail (Special Delivery). If a courier is preferred or required, we will add the cost to the relevant invoice. This charge will cover their fees, we will organise and package for no extra cost.

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