What we do


Products are our passion. We specialise in transforming innovative ideas into brilliant products that sell. From concept to market and everything in-between. Our product development process incorporates design, marketing, prototyping, 3D rendering and Intellectual Property protection.

Concept generation

Working with your idea to create your next product.

Industrial design

Understanding user requirements and turning them into manufacturable solutions.

Mechanical engineering

Developing and testing the idea to ensure it will work as intended.

Photorealistic renderings

We use the latest CGI software to bring your vision to life.

Computer aided design

We work with Solidworks to design and engineer your product.

2D technical drawings

Creation of engineering drawings for manufacture.

3D Printing

Rapid prototyping of parts to test fit, form and function.

Reverse engineering

Detailed examination of existing designs.

market trend analysis

Research current marketplace and competitor products.

Product roadmap

We'll investigate your existing portfolio to identify gaps and optimise for long term growth.

Product pricing

Setting a price that considers costs and competitor pricing to maximise profit.

Brand strategy

Creating a unique strategy to elevate your brand's position to ensure longevity.


We'll plan a campaign of marketing activities, including email, social media, events and paid search to launch your product to your key audience.

Product messaging

Setting effective messaging that focuses on your audience's key needs, and includes the product's unique selling points.

Product launch strategy

We'll devise an original launch strategy for your product's entry into the market and equip your sales team with tools to sell effectively.

Packaging design

Clever and impactful packaging designs that entice customers to choose your product.

Our product development services:

Product Design





What makes Cornelius Creative different?


We aren’t a product design agency that offers marketing, or vice versa.


We are a product design AND marketing agency. 50/50.


Our team have worked across R&D and marketing roles for companies such as Dyson, Renishaw and Aqualisa. We know the importance of involving both functions in the development of a product to ensure its commercial viability. We believe we offer the perfect blend of technical expertise, creativity and commercial awareness to meet our clients’ organisational goals.

What our clients say: