Dyson DC38 ball cylinder vacuum

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  • Dyson DC38 vacuum
CAD, Engineering, Industrial design

We worked on the Dyson DC38 ball cylinder vacuum project where we produced the initial layouts for the ball internals taking consideration for the weight distribution for stability. We also assisted in the design of the steering chassis and the flexible hose outlet.


Part of the project included testing the DC38, including life cycle testing and user trialling, as well as the building of test rigs and prototypes.


The first of its kind

The Dyson DC38 was the world’s first steerable vacuum cleaner and allowed users to move from room to room avoiding furniture related snags.  It was a huge success for Dyson and was sold worldwide via retailers and outlets.


In addition to the DC38 ball cylinder project, we also contributed to the DC30 / DC34 handheld vacuum project.

Skills used

Model Making



Project details


Malmesbury, UK


P R O J E C T   F E E D B A C K

From John Churchill, Dyson

Simon is a good engineer and creative designer and was a key member of the team with lots of energy and ideas