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Making beautiful product concepts is one of our passions, so when one of our clients asked for an alloy wheel design we jumped at the chance to use our rendering software and get creative.


Reinventing the wheel


The brief from Masceni was fairly open; it needed to be stunning to look at and suit premium supercar aesthetics. One of the core target vehicle owners was the Porsche 911, so we set about designing a wheel that suited modern-day Porsches but with a nod to the classic Fuchs wheels synonymous with the brand.


The wheel is designed in a three piece format to allow further customisation, such as rim widths and offsets. To fit different models and different aesthetic styles, such as Poke and Tuck. We’d recently designed the client’s logo, which features at the centre of the wheel.


Since the design was released, customer pre-orders have already been placed and the wheel has now moved into production.


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Hampshire, UK


C L I E N T   R E V I E W

From Steve Champion, Masceni

I'm extremely pleased with the alloy wheel design supplied by Cornelius Creative. The design is stunning, crafted meticulously, and is a perfect match for our brand vision and values. The feedback from customers has been very positive and we're excited to see the wheel go into production.