A product development company combining industrial design, engineering and marketing to help your business grow.

Blending design and marketing

Design and Marketing: The perfect blend


We believe a blend of product design and marketing is the best approach to achieve an organisation’s goals.


By combining technical expertise, creativity and commercial acumen in every product we develop, our consultancy ensures a better opportunity for return on investment for our clients.


We work closely with our clients to better understand their business – their challenges and ambitions – to create a seamless process to develop commercially successful products.

Product Design and Marketing Case Studies




We love feedback.


Helping our clients succeed is why we do what we do.


Feedback helps us to continually improve our services, in line with our company values, to provide the best possible service for our valued clients.


What are your current business challenges?

My products are in decline and need reviving.
I want a product designer who understands my business goals.
I need to generate more sales from my products.
I’m developing a product and want to plan a killer launch.
Do any of these sound familiar? We can help.



Our team have worked in product design and marketing roles for the likes of: