Aqualisa premium electric shower

  • Aqualisa Sassi Electric Shower
Concept generation, Industrial design, Marketing

Expanding into new markets

Aqualisa was struggling to crack the housebuilder market so we were tasked with creating a new electric shower that was innovative and premium enough to outclass competitor products. The aim was to secure new contracts with house developers.



Then there was colour

During the research stage we discovered there was a lack of premium electric showers in the marketplace. Those that were available were typically only available in the standard colours of white, black or chrome/silver. We wanted to inject some colour into the electric shower market.


Aqualisa Sassi features patented changeable tile inlays (painted glass mosaic tiles) and stainless steel touch points; a first for an electric shower. Demand for product customisation had grown over recent years, spurred on from the iPhone 5c which was launched in 2013, so we introduced the option of personalisation. Five colours of mosaic tiles were available, which could be switched by the user should they wish to change their bathroom’s colour scheme.



Light, Colour, Electric – a successful electric shower launch

The product was launched in May 2015 and a successful contract was secured with Barrett Homes in December 2015. The element of fun was introduced into the launch, including a social media teaser campaign. Additionally, internal and external events full of colour and excitement were held, and a YouTube video which highlighted the customisation feature was released.


A comprehensive PR programme included features in industry publications such as The Designer Kitchen and Bathroom magazine and Heating and Plumbing Monthly.