Barton Marine Stanchion Bullseye

  • Barton Marine Stanchion Bullseye
  • Barton Marine Stanchion Bullseye
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We were approached by Barton Marine to develop a new lightweight, high performance product for controlling furling lines on leisure and racing boats. The final product is the Barton Marine Stanchion Bullseye.


Design that hits a bullseye


What’s novel about the design is that it mounts directly on the boat’s stanchions (railings) rather than on the hull. This means the Bullseye can be placed anywhere along the boat to give the sailor ultimate flexibility when positioning. It also means that no new holes need to be added to the hull (something sailors want to avoid, for obvious reasons).

The product needed to look as good as it performed, so we designed the moulded chassis to hide the fixings for a sleek finish, and we optimised the design for weight saving and strength.


Plain sailing


To complement the rest of the Barton product family we incorporated an aluminium rope guide ring and covered the stainless-steel bracket in a fibre sheath to mimic other rope products. This also ensures the product remains incredibly strong and able to withstand


Launched at METSTRADE November 2021.


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