Covid-19 touchfree tap – concept

  • Covid-19 touch free tap
  • Covid-19 touchfree tap design sketches
CAD, Concept generation, Industrial design

A tap for modern life

The aim was to design a concept tap suitable for life during the Covid-19 pandemic. After the outbreak, one of the earliest messages from the World Health Organisation was to clean hands regularly and thoroughly to protect against infection and reduce the spread of the virus.


Advice was to wash hands for 20 seconds (or by singing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice), but with multiple messages released, there was a danger of the advice not getting through properly.


The tap is completely touch free using sensors to detect when in use. This is nothing new, however, the difference between this concept tap and other sensor taps is the timer function that alerts the user to the three different stages of washing – soap, wash, rinse. It ensures 20 seconds are spent on the ‘wash’ stage to make sure the user spends the full 20 seconds washing (and doesn’t need to rely on counting or singing themselves so there is no room for error).


Substance and style

As well as being a functional product, the Covid-19 tap also has a unique aesthetic to differentiate it from other taps. The exposed pipework and the hollow design are little touches that create a unique style.


The face of the tap emanates an analogue style clock face which gives the product a premium feel but also improves the user’s experience of using the tap.