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PUR-E-TEA is an eco-friendly tea with a focus on wellbeing. The tea is designed to be enjoyed alongside exercise for a healthy lifestyle, with slimline packaging that can fit through a letterbox. We were approached by PUR-E-TEA to create a brand palette and packaging for this exciting new tea brand.


The client’s brief made it clear that the packaging was to be eco-friendly, using biodegradable materials or possibly the reuse of ocean plastics. The client wanted a natural palette but for us to use our creativity to design a concept that would capture attention.




After a discovery call to understand the brand we created a mood board of inspirational colours and concepts. We shortlisted five colour palettes that matched the sustainability messaging and natural wellbeing benefits of the tea. We presented these using hand drawn sketches and once the final concept had been chosen we set to work creating 3D models of the packaging in CAD. The design chosen by the client can be used in different configurations to showcase the varieties of tea.


PUR-E-TEA is based around purity and cleanliness. The use of the halo and natural tea leaves in the logo reinforces the message that PUR-E-TEA is cleansing for the body.





PUR-E-TEA’s brand values are aligned with the environment and wellbeing so the packaging materials needed to be sourced sustainably. The plastics are 100% biodegradable and all ink is free of chemicals. The slimline box design reduced the amount of packaging and also made it more cost-effective to produce.


We wanted the arrival of PUR-E-TEA to be an experience. A menu is presented when the box is opened, displayed on an insert layer, which when opened reveals the tea underneath. The branding is consistent throughout.


“Where there’s tea there’s hope.”


Subscription services are growing in popularity, fuelled by the Coronavirus pandemic and national lockdown when it was safer and more convenient to have products delivered to the door. Brits now spend an average of £46 per month on subscriptions, and food/meals are the second most popular type of subscription, after entertainment.


PUR-E-TEA will be going on sale in 2021.



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From Michael Condry, PUR-E-TEA

Fantastic service, highly recommend. They listened to exactly what I had to say, asked all the right questions to dig up as much information as possible to get a really accurate idea of what I was after. I could not have asked for a better outcome.