SkyDock – the ultimate roof space storage solution

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Our client Barton Marine came to us with a problem.

Storing heavy loads, such as dinghies, kayaks and canoes, when not in use, is an issue for many of their customers.


Storage space is often in short supply, yet many of us have an unexploited area of storage – if we just look up!


The Sky’s The Limit

SkyDock lifts bulky and awkward objects or loads out of the way and stores them safely up high until needed again.


Lifting straight from the floor or roof of a car, the Barton Marine SkyDock can lift loads up to 80kg smoothly and safely up to a ceiling height of 4 metres. It’s ideal for use in garages, sheds, barns and lofts for domestic customers, and for commercial use in yards, marinas, yacht clubs and warehouses.


In safe hands

We designed SkyDock with a unique self-locking block, which means loads can be transported by one person, with one hand. When the control line is released, even accidentally, the locking block firmly holds the load in place and stops items from falling. The line is tied off with a fixed wall cleat for even more security.


Prototypes of the product were created so that the client could easily visualise the final design and give feedback on changes. We also supported branding as well as creating installation guides.



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