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It’s an exciting time when you decide to develop an idea into a physical product, but your success could be at risk if you don’t protect your intellectual property (IP). Working with an IP specialist is the safest way to protect your idea and ensure its commercial success. Some types of IP protection can take several years to come through, so the sooner you start, the better.


It’s important to keep your invention and product designs secret until IP protection has been applied for. If you do need to disclose your idea before protection has been applied, always make sure you use a confidentiality agreement, sometimes called an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). This is a legal contract that will keep your idea safe. We automatically use an NDA with all of our clients in order to keep all information confidential.


We have established relationships with experienced IP specialists who can keep your idea safe to create more opportunity for commercial success, whatever the size of your business. We’ve helped register designs, trademarks and patents for solo entrepreneurs right up to global corporations.

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What is intellectual property and why should you protect it?


Your intellectual property is something that you create using your mind – it could be an invention, a symbol, a product name or an artistic creation.


If you do not apply intellectual property protection then you are at risk of other people stealing or copying your work – which could result in loss of earnings.

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What type of intellectual property do you have?


There are several different types of IP, and how you protect it depends on the type of work created. Some are automatically protected, while others you have to apply for.


A patent is used to protect an invention - something new and inventive that can be made or used. It's expensive to apply for a patent and can take several years to come through.


A trademark can be applied to protect your brand. It includes product names or logos and lasts indefinitely but must be renewed every 10 years.


Copyright is automatically applied to artistic pieces of work, such as films, photography, music and written content. How long the copyright lasts depends on the type of work.

Design registration

Design registration protects the look of a product you have designed - its appearance, shape, packaging and configuration. It must be renewed every 5 years and lasts for 25 years.

What our clients say:

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How do I protect my idea?

We work with a number of Intellectual Property specialists, including patent attorneys, who can take you through the steps required to protect your idea. The process can be lengthy, so the earlier you start the sooner your idea is protected.


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