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Helping reduce the spread of Coronavirus – the ‘Poop Bin Thing’

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A Sevenoaks business owner is helping to reduce the spread of Coronavirus amongst dog owners. Product design consultant Simon Cornelius, 38, has created a device to help dog owners avoid touching dog waste bin handles. The handheld device, which he has designed and produced using a 3D printer, ensures that dog owners can have touch-free access to waste bins. It features a hook and loop to enable users to easily open and close bins and has a sliding mechanism to cover the contaminated end when not in use.

The tool is made from PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol) a recyclable material commonly used for 3D printing and available in a variety of colours.

Simon Cornelius said: “As a dog owner, I used my daily exercise during lockdown to walk my two dogs in my local neighbourhood. I noticed that other owners were coming up with ways to avoid touching the waste bin handles, such as tying bags to the handle and using sticks for leverage. My device uses a sliding cover to ensure the hook is never touched to help to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and other germs”.

The Poop Bin Thing is currently available to buy on ebay.

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